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About me.
Many things have influenced my creative work – old photos of family members in ethnic costumes, the brilliant beauty of Lisbon streetscapes with all those colourful tiles, or the feminine pride of women in Morocco, to name but a few. The technique of paper cutting also has an influence on how I work. The process of developing images just with paper and a cutter is so fascinating because it excludes so many tools and options, most notably computers, and thus allows you to focus on what is essential.

The understanding that virtually nothing in nature is devoid of beauty – similar to the concept of Wabi-sabi – has also influenced me. I try to incorporate this understanding in all my work.

About my fashion.

I am an autodidact in illustrating, painting and fashion design. Even when I was a little girl faces used to fascinate me, and I started doing portraits of family members and friends at an early age. To me portraits and clothes have always been closely linked. So my approach to creating fashion rather derives from painting, my aim is to portray the wearer, place them within an overall framework.

The observation made by the Austrian-American philosopher Paul Watzlawick that “one cannot not communicate,” is in my opinion also true of fashion. Especially in the age of globalization, with numerous social media channels that have so far contributed more to making everything the same rather than to enhancing individuality, there are countless options to choose from if you want to make a statement by the way you dress: sustainability, global responsibility, independence, body positivity – these are all attitudes you can express through the clothes you wear.
I like to think that the clothes I design appeal to people because they trigger an inherent sense of aesthetic taste, one that is not affected by the short-lived fashion doctrines so common today.

About my designs.
I would like to spin out the ideas that inspired me to found dadarena. Direct designs created mostly without the aid of computers; shapes and objects that appear to be borrowed from nature, and thus human. Graphic design, illustrations, objects or fashion – in most things I do I profit from my many years of experience as an art director in the advertising and design industry.