dadarena dadarena

In collaboration with Zirup.

Shield, partition, protection – a folding screen can be many things.

It is also an object in its own right, a still life, a sculpture, taking up space as it divides space.

This unique specimen was created by an illustrator in collaboration with an architecture and design studio.

Similar to a triptych, each panel was individually designed by the dadarena design studio and screen printed onto upholstery fabric, using handmade paper cutouts as stencils to apply the ink directly, without requiring exposure or digital processing.

The Zirup architecture studio then created a suitable setting for the motifs: mounted on wooden frames, the prints were edged with a slim border of brass sheet.
The elements are connected by hinges. Every change in the positioning of the three panels allows the viewer to discover new patterns in the motifs, a different perspective of the BIRDS.

Materials: Trevira CS, Ökotex 100 certified. Brass.
Fotos: Anna Niederleitner